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Eye-One Pro is an all-in-one color management marvel. It's small, fast, accurate and cool. And, it's the de facto standard supported throughout the industry. Your Eye-One can measure and control every color device in your workflow .
Technical specifications for Eye-One Pro
Supported measurement modes:

 Reflectance single measurement
    Reflectance scanning measurement with automatic patch detection
    Emission: radiance measurement (monitor measurement)
    Emission: irradiance measurement (light measurement)

Spectral analyzer:  Holographic diffraction grating with 128 pixel diode array
Optical resolution:  10nm
Physical sampling interval  3.5nm
Spectral data:  Range:380---730nm in 10nm steps
Measurement aperture:  4.5mm diameter
Interface:  USB 1.1
Physical dimensions:   Length 151mm, width 66mm, height 67mm (6*2.6*2.6inches)
 Weight:  185g (6.5oz)
Accessories included:  Calibration plate, USB cable, CRT monitor holder, flat panel holder, 
    positioning target, scanning ruler, and light measurement head
 Measurement geometry:  45o/0oring illumination optics, DIN 5033
Light source:  Gas filled tungsten (Type A)
Inter-instrument agreement:  Average DE*94 0.4, max. DE*94 1.0 (Deviation from GretagMacbeth
    manufacturing standard at 23oC for single measurement mode on 12
    BCRA tiles (D50, 2o)
Short-term repeatability:      DE*94<=0.1 (D50, 2o), with respect to the mean CIELab value of 19 
    measurements every 3 seconds on white
 Data format:     Spectral radiance (mw/nm/m2/sr); Luminance Y (cd/m2)
 Measurement range:      0.2 …300 cd/m2
 Short-term repeatability:      X,y:+/- 0.002 typical (CRT 5000oK, 80 cd/m2)
 Type:      Cosine-corrected diffuse light measurement head
 Diameter:      6.0 mm
Data format      Spectral irradiance (mw/nm/m2); Luminance Y (lux)
Power supply:      Device powered by USB. No additional charger or battery required. USB
     1.1 high power device.