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Take your legal rights into consideration, please understand and grasp how to identify legal copy of ColorPRINT before purchasing.
  • Please purchase ColorPRINT from reliable inkjet printer manufacturers, dealers of inkjet printer and authorized software dealers.
  • Check the letter by laser on a black key.
  • Check software installed CD.
ColorPRINT Family
market solutions
Support both bitmap and vector formats; drive two printers simultaneously; the optimum choice for middle-scale users.
ColorPRINT Server
Drive four printers at the same time; superior color management methods; several optional modules available for different application markets; the best choice for large-scale users.
Digital Proof
Simulate printing dot and color, simplify workflow.
Production House
Vivid color, practical tools, multi-methods for saving cost.
Digital Image
Real-time preview, rapidly printing large-format photos, simplify workflow and enhance efficiency.
Contour Cut
Rapidly produce window stickers, billboards, POPs, and design prototype of package.
Digital Textile
Simple workflow without plate, direct prints and proof, meet the short-run demands.
Color Management System
Specially develops for building perfect the color management system for inkjet printer.